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The Adept Medical ENT NeoZoline™ range of Ear and Nose surgical instruments and procedure packs are proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Adept Medical.


Sterile Ear Range

Adept Medical’s comprehensive NeoZoline™ sterile ear range includes a collection of single-use instruments, implantable devices and all-in-one procedure packs designed for the treatment of Otitis Media in Hospital, Primary Care and Audiological use.

Otological Ventilation Tubes
Myringotomy Kits
Cerumen Management Probes 
Micro Ear Suction Tubes + Controller
Myringotomy Knife
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Non-Sterile Ear Range

Adept Medical’s extensive NeoZoline™ non-sterile ear range incudes a selection of single-use instruments and all-in-one procedure packs intended to prepare the ear for screening and diagnostic purposes in both clinical and audiological settings.

Cerumen Management Kit
Cerumen Management Probes 
Micro Ear Suction Tubes + Controller
Ear Specula
Micro Ear Forceps
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Rhinology Range

Adept Medical’s NeoZoline™ rhinology range includes a variety of both non-sterile and sterile single-use instruments designed to support sinus and nasal procedures and provide postoperative protection.

Nasal Splints
Tilley Nasal Forceps
Thudicum Nasal Specula
Nasal Suction Tubes + Controller Packs
Sinus Cannulae + Controller Packs
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NeoZoline™ Product Display Case

Adept Medical believes in presenting its range of ENT products in the best possible way. Whether it's to show your patient the exact type of grommet they will receive, or to show a new customer the core range, the NeoZoline™ Product Display Case shows a wide selection of our products.

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About Adept Medical

Adept Medical is New Zealand's leading specialist plastics manufacturer to the medical market.

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Single-Use NeoZoline™ ENT products


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